TripAdvisor secrets

With a new review posted every second, TripAdvisor is often the first place your visitors and customers look when planning a day out, holiday or meal. Used properly it will boost trade and raise your profile; handled badly, however, it can do lasting damage to your reputation.

Specially designed for those working in hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions, this half day course will give you plenty of tips on making the most of TripAdvisor. You’ll see how to encourage visitors to leave positive reviews, explore proven strategies for responding to bad ones and learn how to monitor your TripAdvisor performance.

Method and duration of course

Half-day course (usually 10am-1pm) with workshop exercises, small group activities and group discussion.


We charge a flat rate of £360 for our one day in-house training courses and £220 for a half day course. (Registered charities and community groups receive a 20% discount.) We only charge travel expenses if the venue is outside London or the Southend-on-Sea area.

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