Media clinic

Many organisations want to grow their media profile, but find dealing with journalists daunting. Think how much more confident you’d feel after discussing your ideas with a media relations expert.

That’s what Caraway’s media clinic gives you the opportunity to do. It’s designed for any organisation that needs some inspiration and encouragement before generating their own media coverage.

What we do

Through a half-day session – at a venue of your choosing – we’ll take you through the fundamentals of media relations, including:

  • what is and what isn’t news
  • how to generate your own stories
  • finding journalists with a genuine interest in what you do
  • writing a great press release.

Along the way we’ll look at what other organisations in your field have done to boost their media profile and – most importantly – come up with some story ideas that you can start developing right away.

And because it’s a one-to-one session, you can ask as many questions you like and go into as much detail as you need.

What it costs

Each media clinic session costs £175. Contact us today for more information.